Susan Stafford, the First Lady of Daytime Television Game Shows,
received her STAR on the PALM SPRINGS WALK OF STARS on October 15, 2005.

Best known to her fans as the Original Hostess of Wheel of Fortune, Susan hosted the "Susan Stafford Show" on Radio and enjoyed many co-starring roles as an actress on television.  As an Overseas Correspondent, Susan worked with former Surgeon General Koop on documentaries in India, Africa and the Philippines and is considered a Good Will Ambassador to our world.  

Click here for a few of the memories from this very special event.

 Even though so many of these pictures are of celebrity friends, it is important to know that they are no different than the rest of us. They need prayer as much as anyone, sometimes more because of the pressure placed upon them. In our Lord's sight, each and every person is precious and we all meet on one level, at the foot of the cross.
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Susan with special friend Dreyfus

Original hostess of
"Wheel Of Fortune"

Original Host & Hostess of
"Wheel of Fortune"
Susan and Chuck Woolery 

Mrs. Sammy Davis Jr. "Altovise"
and Susan

"Wheel of Fortune"
Merv Griffin, Susan,
and Pat Sajak

"Wheel of Fortune"
Susan and Pat Sajak

Susan Stafford, original hostess of 
"Wheel Of Fortune" with current hostess, Vanna White

"We are in mourning for our beloved friend, Jay Bernstein. His passing 
has been devastating to all who knew him,because he was truly bigger 
than life.Jay will always be in my heart."

Fred Hayman of Giorgios
with Susan

June Haver MacMurray
and Susan

Susan with Carol Connors
and Lorne Greene

John Gavin, Susan,
and Clint Eastwood

"Fleetwood Mac"
Billy Burnett, Stevi Nicks,
and Susan

Barbara Valentine, Senator Tom Harkin, and Susan

George Nader and Susan

David Rockefeller, Jr. & wife Diana with Susan and Dan Enright

Susan with
Barry Goldwater Jr

Susan with
Shirley Jones

Billy Davis Jr., Michael Colyar,
Susan, Jean and Casey Kasem, and Valerie Harper

Robert & Rosemary Stack
 with  Susan

Hugh O'Brian, Susan, Buddy Rogers, and
and Gene Autry

Fred Travalena and Susan with Dom and Carol DeLuise

Beverly (Mrs. Buddy) Rogers, Susan, Arthur Newman with his wife and Paul Newman at the International Film Festival in Palm Springs

Suzi Wehba, Marilyn McCoo, Sandy Martindale, Susan, Lois Travalena, Meghan Chrane, and Susan Chrane Wales

Susan with Richard Blackwell

Connie Stevens,
Buzz and Lois Aldrin, Carol Connors, Susan and Milton Berle in Front

Altovise Davis,
Jane Withers, Susan, and Phyllis Diller with Friend

Edward James Olmos, Gloria Allred, and Rosey Grier with Susan

Susan with
Buddy Hackett

Al Kasha, Murray Schwartz, Roscoe, Altovise Davis, Sandy Martindale, Susan, Ceil Kasha

The Carney Family Reunion - All seven of us Susan. Chloe, Georgie, Mama's neighbor and our adopted sister, Pat Gaskin, Jackie, Catherine, Bobby, and Carol

Susan with her 2 brothers, Bobby and Georgie

Four of the Carney Kids
Catherine, Chloe, Georgie, and Susan

Susan and her favorite dolly, "Laura"

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