Founder and CEO of The Susan Stafford Foundation

Experience Humanitarian, Television Personality, Spokeswoman, Co-Host, Producer, Public Relations, Seminar Speaker, Actress


  • First Woman to Receive an Emmy Nomination for a Game Show ~ "Wheel Of Fortune"

  • First Woman to be given a microphone on a Game Show

  • First Woman to make her own clothing deal on a Game Show

  • First Woman on "8 Hours Live in America" as Entertainment Director with Bill Stout on KMEX News

Most Recent Activities


  • C.E.O. of Beyond Grace, LLC

  • Strategic counseling of individuals in the aftermath of the tragedy of September 11th.  Many are experiencing an ongoing fear dealing with the deaths of so many.

  • Emergency Response Team in Littleton, Colorado Following the Columbine Shooting

  • Ordained Minister by Logos International

  • Along with Edward James Olmos and Martin Luther King III, Susan received the World Unity Award for Humanitarian Service which supports research for Sickle Cell Anemia.

  • Sponsor for Mid-East Communications Foundation

  • Co-President of Chabad Chai Circle


  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, Pacific Western University

  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University

  • B.A. in Nutrition, Antioch University

  • Intern Therapist at Chabad Chasidic Program Working with Chemical Addictions

  • Chaplain Intern for Terminal Cancer, Pastoral Care Education, Houston, Texas


  • "Wheel of Fortune" ~ 7 Years as the Original Hostess
    Guinness World Records, 2001 Edition -
    "Wheel Of Fortune", introduced in 1975 by Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford is the most syndicated television game show.
    It is syndicated in 54 countries and reaches 
    100,000,000 viewers each week."

  • "A New Creation" ~ Catholic Broadcasting Network ~ Writer/Hostess

  • "Alive" ~ Christian Broadcasting Network, Writer/Hostess/Producer


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Overseas Correspondent for Three Documentaries for American Leprosy Missions - ALM with former Surgeon General Everett Koop

"One Million Children Are Waiting" filmed in Paraguay; the Himalayas; Nepal; Ethiopia; India; the Philippines; Brazil; and Liberia, Africa.


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  • Co-Starring roles - "Marcus Welby, M.D." with Robert Young, "Ironside" with Raymond Burr, "Police Story" with Steve Lawrence, and "Love American Style" with Bill Bixby

  • "City Beneath the Sea" - Irwin Allen Productions, "Ellery Queen," "Bracken's World"

  • The Young Prosecutors" - David Gerber Productions/Twentieth Century Fox

  • Starring Role in "So Near, So Far" - Faith for Today Productions



  • "The Regis Philbin Show"

  • "High Adventure" with George Otis

  • "CBS Noontime" with Mario Machado

  • "700 Club" for CBN with Pat Robertson

Celebrity Guest


  • "Oprah"

  • "Vicki"

  • "The Gary Collins Show"

  • "The Late Show" with Ross Shafer

  • "Hollywood Squares"

  • "Chuck Barris Show"

  • "A Date with Dale Evans"


Public Relations


  • Vice President of Public Relations, Barry & Enright Productions

  • Public Relations for Theatre Owners of America, National Screen Service, New York ~ Mel Gold

  • Public Relations for the Military as Sweetheart of the Air Force Academy and Miss Armed Forces

Newspaper Columnist
  • Los Angeles Times
    Susan Stafford Entertainment Column


  • Syndicated Broadcaster of "The Susan Stafford Show"
    Celebrity interviews: Sid Caesar, Jon Voight, Diahann Carroll, Richard Chamberlain, Richard Crenna, Bob Fosse, Carol Lawrence, Henry Mancini, Johnny Mathis, Patricia Neal, Sugar Ray Robinson, Louis L'Amour, Rosey Grier, Richard Thomas, Rip Taylor, Mitzi Gaynor, Glen Campbell, Jackie Coogan, Howard Cosell, Joseph Cotton

  • Film critic for KOST and EXTRA and all other McLendon radio stations

  • "The Tom Snyder Show" - Celebrity Guest

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